“The Girl and the Bird, in Blue”

Alex Ferror


“The Girl and the Bird, in Blue” (2023) - Spray paint on canvas. 31in x 28in (80cm x 70cm)
This is one of the two pieces Alex Ferror painted inspired by his series of drawings made only with BIC ballpoint pens on paper. Still blue, but now with transparent spray paint only.

The painting was done using only two cans of blue spray paint. A light one for the background and a darker (transparent) blue for the character.
As Ferror limited himself to spray paint exclusively using shades of blue, the artist pushed the boundaries of his skills and creativity to create pieces that will be an important part of his artistic portfolio.

“The Girl and the Bird, in Blue” is a remarkable step in Alex Ferror’s career, because it is one of the two unique pieces where he purposefully painted 100% free-handed (no sketches), on a challenging media, all to push himself testing his creativity and improvisation skills.

A must-have piece up for grabs for a lucky collector.


Type: Original Artwork