Who I am

Alex Ferror

Natural from Brazil, Alex Ferror was born in São Paulo, but he grew up in a coastal town near his hometown, called Praia Grande. From a very early age, Alex showed his interest in art. Drawings of characters and animals could be easily found among the lessons and exercises in Alex’s school notebooks, and although a very active kid, several times, he had chosen the sketchbooks and colored pencils rather than playing outdoors with his friends.

It was only several years later, however, that street art started to catch Alex’s attention. On his frequent trips to visit family in São Paulo, the wide range of colors and styles of the city’s street art amazed Alex more and more. Highly inspired by some of the precursors of the Brazilian graffiti scene, such as Speto and Os Gêmeos, Alex’s character-based work started taking shape.

Almost two decades later, Alex decided to take a break in his career and spend some time living out of Brazil. Before leaving his country, however, Alex took some graffiti painting classes and workshops from some of his Brazilian street art heroes. This gave him the push he needed to start giving life to his characters on his own murals.

Motivated by the opportunity to add some colors and beauty to the life of the unprivileged children who don’t have access to art and culture, Alex Ferror painted most of his first murals in “favelas”, the poor communities in Rio de Janeiro. But it didn’t take too long to Alex start taking his childlike characters to other cities and countries.

Today, Alex is a recognized visual artist, illustrator, and muralist and his art can be seen on walls, installations, publications, and products in different countries.

In his colorful work, Alex explores the whimsical universe of children’s imagination and how the kids see the world and interact with their feelings. Through Ferror’s characters, mostly children and their imaginary friends, the artist encourages diversity, creativity, love, and respect, among other messages and feelings that the artist considers to be essential since childhood.

Currently, Alex lives in Lisbon, Portugal, where he has dedicated his time to illustrate his first children’s picture book and to develop a “secret project” involving his first adventures in 3D (soon-to-be-announced).

What I've done